Delkin Devices announces CFexpress Type A Memory Cards

POWAY, CA, FEBRUARY 9, 2022 – Delkin Devices, a manufacturer of flash storage solutions and camera accessories, announced today the newest addition to their ever-growing line of memory-based products: CFexpress™ Type A memory cards. The latest high-speed memory card format, Delkin CFexpress™ Type A cards leverage today’s newest technology to provide professional-level performance that meets industry standards.

A different form factor than CFexpress™ Type B (physically smaller) yet still capable of utilizing the same PCI Express technology, Delkin’s BLACK CFexpress™ Type A memory cards boast recording speeds reaching up to 790 MB/s for flawless cinema-quality video capture, including UHD 8K @ 30fps (400 Mbps) in the Sony a1. They also support RAW continuous-burst shooting without delay, never missing those precious split-second moments!

“Smaller and even more powerful than SD cards, CFexpress™ Type A memory cards are establishing a new standard for future storage solutions” says Jenn Sherry, Delkin’s Retail Sales & Marketing Manager, “With mirrorless cameras slowly moving more into the cinema realm, offering modes that are extremely data-heavy, it has become even more essential to provide a memory card that can meet these demands. The market is small at the moment, but we are optimistic about the potential growth of CFexpress™ Type A and its future adoption in the next-generation of cameras.”

Delkin BLACK CFexpress™ Type A memory cards are also capable of offloading data at speeds reaching up to 880 MB/s, ensuring the quickest, most efficient data transfer from card to computer for immediate file access and sooner post-production start time. Each BLACK CFexpress™ Type A memory card has undergone extensive testing to ensure full functionality and performance in today’s high-end cinematic hosts, including the Sony® a1, a7S III, a7 IV, FX3 & FX6.

In addition to their “Lifetime Warranty” policy, Delkin continues to offer a unique built-in insurance policy for their BLACK memory cards, known as the “48-Hour Replacement Guarantee”. Delkin will replace any non-working BLACK card within 48 hours or less (not including weekends – in the US and UK), prior to receiving the non-working card. Cards can also be replaced over-the-counter at any authorized Delkin BLACK reseller. Additional information on Delkin BLACK CFexpress™ Type A memory cards can be found here:

If BLACK wasn’t enough, Delkin is also offering an alternative option under their POWER line. Delkin POWER CFexpress™ Type A memory cards provide the same pro-level performance as BLACK, but do not include the added benefits of serialization or the company’s 48-Hour Replacement Guarantee. These cards have also undergone the same testing as the BLACK cards, so users can rest assured and feel confident that what they are using will work as expected in their camera.

About Delkin Devices, Inc.

Delkin Devices’ consumer group manufactures storage devices and digital accessories for the photography market. Delkin has been in business since 1986 and has offices in both the US and UK. If you would like more information regarding this product or any other Delkin product, please contact Jenn Sherry at [email protected].