Video Performance Guarantee (VPG)

Video Performance Guarantee (VPG)

What is Video Performance Guarantee (VPG)?

The Video Performance Guarantee (VPG) is a standard established by the CompactFlash Association to ensure that media cards can handle the high data rates required for video recording. Specifically, VPG guarantees a minimum sustained write speed necessary for recording high-quality video without dropping frames. This is crucial for professionals and videographers who rely on uninterrupted, high-resolution video capture.

The VPG classes marked by the logos on the card (e.g., VPG200, VPG400) indicate the minimum number of megabytes per second (MB/s) that the card can write continuously. Higher VPG ratings are indicative of better performance enabling more demanding video formats like 4K as well as allowing high-frame-rate recordings to be captured reliably. This standard helps consumers select the appropriate memory card for their specific video recording needs ensuring compatibility and performance.

CFA-Certified Media Cards that Support VPG Profiles

The following products from CFA Members are certified by CFA to support VPG classes VPG200 and VPG400.  For a card to support VPG, the card must pass the VPG certification test by CFA.  These cards will have the VPG certification logos – the clapboard logos with either 200 or 400 designators –  on their labels. Note that not all use cases and cameras/camera-modes require VPG.  Media cards without VPG support by CFA Members have gone through a separate self-compliance process according to CFA’s test guidelines and should work fine in non-VPG operations.  Refer to the camera manual to see if a VPG-supported card is required for your situation.

End users requiring VPG Profiles should choose media cards from this list.  This list will be updated in real-time as new products are introduced.

List of CFA-Certified VPG200 and VPG400 Media Cards (Rev 2024-06-28) [PDF]

Company Name Card Type VPG Class Capacity Product Name Part Number
BIWIN Type-A 1TB CA900 Series BCA90001TB-RGX
BIWIN Type-A 256GB CA900 Series BCA900256G-RGX
BIWIN Type-A 512GB CA900 Series BCA900512G-RGX
BIWIN Type-A 1TB CA1800 Series BCA180001TB-RGX
BIWIN Type-A 256GB CA1800 Series BCA1800256G-RGX
BIWIN Type-A 512GB CA1800 Series BCA1800512G-RGX
Delkin Devices Type-A 80GB Power DCFXAPWR80
Delkin Devices Type-A 160GB Power DCFXAPWR160
Delkin Devices Type-B 1600GB CINEMA DCFXV4B416T
Delkin Devices Type-B 400GB CINEMA DCFXV4B400
Delkin Devices Type-B 800GB CINEMA DCFXV4B800
Exascend Type-A 120GB Essential EXPC3EA120GB
Exascend Type-A 180GB Essential EXPC3EA180GB
Exascend Type-A 1TB Essential EXPC3EA001TB
Exascend Type-A 240GB Essential EXPC3EA240GB
Exascend Type-A 360GB Essential EXPC3EA360GB
Exascend Type-A 480GB Essential EXPC3EA480GB
Exascend Type-A 1TB Essential Pro EXPC4EA001TB
Exascend Type-A 256GB Essential Pro EXPC4EA256GB
Exascend Type-A 512GB Essential Pro EXPC4EA512GB
Exascend Type-B 1TB Essential Pro EXPC4EB001TB
Exascend Type-B 256GB Essential Pro EXPC4EB256GB
Exascend Type-B 2TB Essential Pro EXPC4EB002TB
Exascend Type-B 512GB Essential Pro EXPC4EB512GB
Exascend Type-B 1TB Nitro EXPC3N001TB
Exascend Type-B 512GB Nitro EXPC3N512GB
HOMAN Type-A 1TB CFexpress Card Type A HMCFA00001TB
HOMAN Type-A 256GB CFexpress Card Type A HMCFA00256GB
HOMAN Type-A 512GB CFexpress Card Type A HMCFA00512GB
Lexar Type-A 160GB Silver Series LCAEXSL160G
Lexar Type-A 320GB Silver Series LCAEXSL320G
Lexar Type-A 80GB Gold Series LCAGOLD080G
Lexar Type-A 160GB Gold Series LCAGOLD160G
Lexar Type-A 320GB Gold Series LCAGOLD320G
Lexar Type-B 128GB Diamond Series LCXEXDM128G
Lexar Type-B 256GB Diamond Series LCXEXDM256G
Lexar Type-B 512GB Diamond Series LCXEXDM512G
Nextorage Type-A 1920GB NX-A1SE Series NX-A1SE1920G
Nextorage Type-A 480GB NX-A1SE Series NX-A1SE480G
Nextorage Type-A 960GB NX-A1SE Series NX-A1SE960G
Nextorage Type-A 40GB NX-A1PRO Series NX-A1PRO40G
Nextorage Type-A 80GB NX-A1PRO Series NX-A1PRO80G
Nextorage Type-A 160GB NX-A1PRO Series NX-A1PRO160G
Nextorage Type-A 320GB NX-A1PRO Series NX-A1PRO320G
Nextorage Type-A 640GB NX-A1PRO Series NX-A1PRO640G
Nextorage Type-B 1330GB NX-B1PRO Series NX-B1PRO1330G
Nextorage Type-B 165GB NX-B1PRO Series NX-B1PRO165G
Nextorage Type-B 330GB NX-B1PRO Series NX-B1PRO330G
Nextorage Type-B 660GB NX-B1PRO Series NX-B1PRO660G
Nextorage Type-B 1330GB NX-B2PRO Series NX-B2PRO1330G
Nextorage Type-B 165GB NX-B2PRO Series NX-B2PRO165G
Nextorage Type-B 330GB NX-B2PRO Series NX-B2PRO330G
Nextorage Type-B 660GB NX-B2PRO Series NX-B2PRO660G
OWC Type-A 480GB Atlas Pro 4.0 OWCCFXA4P00480
OWC Type-A 960GB Atlas Pro 4.0 OWCCFXA4P00960
Pergear Type-A 160GB PERGEAR Prime PERGEAR Prime 160GB
Pergear Type-A 1TB PERGEAR Prime PERGEAR Prime 1TB
Pergear Type-A 320GB PERGEAR Prime PERGEAR Prime 320GB
Phison Type-B 400GB E21 CFE Type B Serial
Phison Type-B 800GB E21 CFE Type B Serial
Prograde Digital Type-A 240GB Gold PGCFXA240GB-900-101
Prograde Digital Type-A 480GB Gold PGCFXA480GB-900-101
Prograde Digital Type-A 480GB Iridium PGCFXA480GBI-1800-101
Prograde Digital Type-A 960GB Iridium PGCFXA960GBI-1800-101
Prograde Digital Type-A 80GB Cobalt PGCFXA80GB
Prograde Digital Type-A 160GB Cobalt PGCFXA160GB
Prograde Digital Type-B 1600GB Iridium PGCFX1600GB-3400-101
Prograde Digital Type-B 400GB Iridium PGCFX400GB-3400-101
Prograde Digital Type-B 800GB Iridium PGCFX800GB-3400-101
SanDisk Type-B 256GB Professional PRO-CINEMA SDPCVN4-256G
Silicon Power Type-B 1.6TB StudioPro SP1K6GBCFEB21V12
Silicon Power Type-B 400GB StudioPro SP400GBCFEB21V12
Silicon Power Type-B 800GB StudioPro SP800GBCFEB21V12
Sony Type-A 1920GB CEA-M Series CEA-M1920T
Sony Type-A 960GB CEA-M Series CEA-M960T
Sony Type-A 80GB CEA-G Series CEA-G80T
Sony Type-A 160GB CEA-G Series CEA-G160T
Sony Type-A 320GB CEA-G Series CEA-G320T
Sony Type-A 640GB CEA-G Series CEA-G640T
Sony Type-B 1920GB CEB-G Series CEB-G1920T
Wise Type-A 1TB CFX-A Series CFX-A1024M2
Wise Type-A 256GB CFX-A Series CFX-A256M2
Wise Type-A 512GB CFX-A Series CFX-A512M2
Wise Type-A 1TB CFX4-A Series CFX4-A1024M2
Wise Type-A 256GB CFX4-A Series CFX4-A256M2
Wise Type-A 512GB CFX4-A Series CFX4-A512M2