CompactFlash Association Announces
CFexpress® 4.0 Logical and Physical Specifications


CompactFlash® Association (CFA) was established in 1995 by a group of international companies focused on the common goal of creating industry standards for flash-based memory cards to support the high performance needs of professional imaging, automotive and industrial markets.  CFA continues to successfully develop and nurture new industry standards widely adopted by these industries.

CFA focuses on the development of specifications, compliance testing process and tools, as well as conduct marketing activities to promote CFA-member products, technology, and applications.  Today, CFA has approximately 80 member companies involved in the design, development, manufacture and sale of products using CFA specifications.

CompactFlash Association – Vision Statement

To create an inclusive and dynamic ecosystem through broad industry involvement and accessible open-standards that will incubate groundbreaking removable media solutions with best of breed performance and reliability for a broad range of applications including imaging, automotive, and industrial applications ensuring maximum interoperability and end-user satisfaction.

CompactFlash Association – Mission Statement

  • CompactFlash Association will create a dynamic ecosystem where members’ businesses can flourish through open communication and competition.
  • CompactFlash Association will lead to create the highest-performance open-standard removable media solution to the professional/prosumer digital photography/videography market.
  • CompactFlash Association will research and create new solutions that will address the needs of a broad range of applications including Automotive and Industrial applications.



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  • Development of current and future specifications
  • Management and development of compliance specifications and tools
  • Promotion of technology and usage models
  • Ensure compatibility for users of all CFA product types


Join the CompactFlash Association either as an Executive member or Affiliate member.  Only members may access the latest CFA specifications, logos and trademarks.

Executive members lead the direction for CFA, including development of new specifications and having voting rights on technical and marketing issues.  Executive Members are eligible for Board of Directors.

Affiliate members may access documents including technical specifications, logos, trademarks, and guidelines related to CFA in order to develop and sell products compliant with those specifications and guidelines. In addition, Affiliate members may participate in general conferences, work groups and events administered by the CompactFlash Association.

Only CompactFlash Association members may manufacture and market products that use CFA specifications and logos.