Angelbird’s Next Generation CFexpress Type B Cards Support Future Camera Technology with Sustained Speed Performance Capable of Up To 12K+ RAW Recording throughout the Entire Capacity of the Card

Angelbird Technologies releases the latest edition of their flagship CFexpress Type B media cards:

  • AV PRO CFexpress MK2 is the latest edition of Angelbird’s flagship CFexpress Type B technology with the largest capacity available for capturing 12K+ RAW advanced cinematography and high bit-rate video and photography.

    Capacities: 1 TB | 2 TB | 4 TB  
    Guaranteed sustained write speed of 1300 MB/s throughout the card’s capacity.
  • AV PRO CFexpress XT MK2 is the latest and extended edition of Angelbird’s flagship CFexpress Type B technology offering the highest sustained speed performance with extended endurance for 12K+ RAW recording of granular detailed video production and burst photography. 

    Capacities: 330 GB | 660 GB | 1320 GB
    Guaranteed sustained write speed of 1480 MB/s throughout card’s capacity. 

 — Angelbird Technologies GmbH releases the next generation of their flagship CFexpress Type B technology with two new card models:

• AV PRO CFexpress MK2 

• AV PRO CFexpress XT MK2

Introducing recording media technology that outpaces the abilities of the leading camera technology available on the market today. Both of Angelbird’s AV PRO CFexpress MK2 cards deliver sustained write speeds well beyond the current CFexpress recording requirements for 8K RAW 120fps. With 12K+ RAW media production on the near horizon, Angelbird’s CFexpress technology offers the speed, endurance and high capacity to meet the production demands of tomorrow’s camera technology while ensuring the highest-quality captures from any CFexpress Type B camera.


AV PRO CFexpress MK2 Type B offers the largest capacity CFexpress Type B media with up to 4 TB of high bit-rate recording technology available. This card features a sustained write performance range with a minimum write speed of 1300 MB/s and a max write speed of 1550 MB/s. Angelbird’s Stable Stream™ technology ensures no dropped frames and smooth 12K+ RAW footage throughout the entire capacity of the card.


AV PRO CFexpress XT Type B features extended endurance performance recording for 12K+ RAW video and burst photography. Fully supports demanding high bit-rate video production while delivering the highest level of image detail available to the camera. Expect a sustained write performance range with a minimum write speed of 1480 MB/s and a max write speed of 1600 MB/s.

Notable Features of AV PRO CFexpress MK2 and AV PRO CFexpress XT MK2:

Y2 Processor 

Exceptional processing power to manage high data rate video and photo files up to 12K+ RAW

Stable Stream™ Sustained Speed Performance

ensures uninterrupted read/write performance for the entire capacity of the card

Advanced Thermal Management 

While long duration shooting or continuous burst photography at high data rates may trigger an overheating event in the camera, the AV PRO CFexpress MK2 cards feature Advanced Thermal Management technology that signals a safe shutdown while protecting the card and content from any potential damage or loss of frames.

Adaptive Power Management 

A low power draw and bus powered components place minimal drain on battery life for improved run time.

Power Loss Protection 

Signals a safe shutdown to protect against content loss or damage in the event of a sudden power loss.

Rock-Solid Build Quality 

Protects against moisture, x-ray, shock, dust, and extreme temperatures of -10° C to 70° C (14° F to 158°F).

Free Engraving 

Personalize the CFexpress card with your name, project, or contact details. 

Fast Data Offloading 

Jump into post-production work or manage card capacity with maximum read speed of 1785 MB/s combined withthe Angelbird CFexpress Type B Card Reader that supports 20 Gb/s data transfers*.

*with USB-C 3.2 Gen 2×2 compatible host system


Extended benefit of Angelbird’s renown individualized customer service with free data recovery service of hard- and software.


Angelbird Technologies GmbH is an Austrian company dedicated to the pursuit of higher technology, engineering and manufacturing memory cards and storage solutions that are continuously pushing the limits of speed and performance in the safest possible way. 

With their reputation for quality and reliability, Angelbird establishes partnerships with leading camera and video equipment manufacturers such as ARRI*, Atomos*, Blackmagic Design*, and RED*, engineering custom certified solutions for some of the most powerful and expensive production equipment in the world.

Angelbird designs, engineers and manufactures its technology in-house, resulting in high-quality products that speak to Austrian precision and clean minimalist design. As one of those rare companies that takes into consideration the needs of professionals, Angelbird innovates with integrity to deliver the best quality products and customer service in the industry.